Rewarding Great Athletes

Sports make our lives exciting, fanatics, and not to mention many businesses are thriving because of these different sports. Athletes joining different sport tournaments makes it their profession and thus spend their time and effort to excel in order to play and win trophies and awards or recognitions. Teams and individuals nowadays are working hard in their respective sports in order to win the different trophies and awards. We have today these following most popular sporting awards. For football fanatics, there is the FA Cup. One of the most sought after awards in the English football leagues, teams joining this tournament work hard to reach the finals and finally the Cup. Aside from the teams working hard to get this trophy, but also the very dedicated fans supporting their respective team.

We have the Stanley Cup in the USA hockey sport. All teams competing in this league would like no more than be presented with this Cup in the USA NHL (National Hockey League). The Stanley Cup is one of the largest trophies in today's competitions, with a weight of 34.5 lbs and a height of 89.5 cm. You can read some more facts as well at

The Jules Rimet Trophy is another popular trophy in the football sport, was originally named Coupe de Monde. This prestigious trophy had a long history starting from 1930 when presented to Uruguay, and years after was stolen twice, and so FIFA decided to make a replica in time for the presentation to Brazil in 1970. Click here to read detailed facts.

The Football World Cup is another unforgotten prestigious football sports. After the Jules Rimet Trophy of Brazil, FIFA decided to make another trophy in time for awarding to Germany who won the tournament in 1974. This trophy has five versions and each has a weight of 13 lbs and are crafted using 18 karat of gold.

And who would not know the European Cup, considered as the most prestigious trophy for football teams playing in various leagues all over Europe. An exciting tournament for the different football teams especially they have to play within their country's teams and move forward to compete with other European teams.

The America's Cup is considered the oldest sport trophy among the most popular awards. In 1851, the first trophy was presented to the winning yacht team.

Any professional golfer, American or European, would dream of being a member of the team that would play for the Ryder cup. With the size of 17" tall and 9" width, this trophy is one of the smallest trophies presented.

Considered as the most recognizable trophy in the world of tennis is the Wimbledon Men's Singles Trophy.

England and Australian cricket teams would strive hard to get the Ashes trophy. This trophy is considered the smallest trophy among the sporting awards. You may also grab some basketball trophies from the given link.